Adult Swimming Lessons



We believe that swimming is a life skill. Just like learning how to drive and ride a bicycle, once you have learned swimming, the skills will be with you throughout your lifetime. In fact, it could be also a life saving skill.

You can choose to advance your skills and qualify to become a lifeguard. It will be an added bonus if you are working offshore where not only u can save yourself from water accidents, you can also save people in trouble.

Swimming is also one of the best cardio-vascular exercises. Athletes of other sports go swimming as part of their training program to keep fit and enhance their stamina. As a regular exercise, swimming can tone up your body and keep your body fit and balanced thoroughly because it is an exercise which requires movement of virtually all your muscles.

If you level up your skills, you may also take part in our intensive training program to bring you up to competition level. You can compete in various swimming competition and also water polo, one of the toughest and challenging sports discipline.

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